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Time running out for the broadband timetable

Back in January I blogged about the proposed Cornwall Super-fast Broadband roll-out. Of course, as a geek, I’m desperate for information about it, especially the timetable for when it’s actually going to happen. According to the faqs the timetable will … Continue reading

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Fibre Broadband for Cornwall

BT is to provide super-fast broadband to up to 90% of homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, in the biggest rural fibre optic roll-out in the UK to date. This is great news for me and many others … Continue reading

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What’s Up Net?

Since converting my home network to DHCP, I’ve been struggling to keep track of what devices/addresses are in use. Not because I’m poor at record keeping but rather because three teenage kids in the house like messing about with their … Continue reading

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Is it me or is it Linksys?

Well my project has stumbled at the first hurdle because I can’t get PPPoE to authenticate through my AM200 Modem. I suspect this is an issue with the AM200 itself rather than the PPPoE clients I’m using to do my … Continue reading

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Network Ponderings

I’m trying to solve a networking problem that sounds quite simple but I’m struggling for the answer. I have a Linksys AG241 which is a nice ADSL router. Nice that is except that the QoS on it doesn’t support prioritisation … Continue reading

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Linksys AG241 – QoS issue

Linksys have done a nice job with the AG241 I’ve been running it in a non-NAT mode for a few months now and so far it’s performed very reliably. The only thing that prevents it from exactly meeting my needs … Continue reading

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More WRT54G woes

In a previous blog entry I described Linksys as my preferred source of SOHO router, then went on to rant about them changing specifications whilst retaining the same model number. Today I’ve uncovered yet another example of the mess they … Continue reading

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Broadband Access

“We’re sorry, all of our operators are currently busy. You are at queue postition 13.” When you lose broadband access, operate lots of services and need the Internet to do your job, queue postition 13 clearly is not a good … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to use SNMP to monitor throughput on my DSL-G604T router. Since moving house I’m interested to know how much bandwidth the kids are eating with MS(bloody)N Messenger. The DSL-G604T supports SNMP, it says so in all the … Continue reading

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Homeplug – First impressions

My Devolo 85Mb/s starter kit arrived this morning. Everything was nicely packaged and the two supplied cables are good quality shielded cat5e. I know it’s silly but little things like that impress me. The instructions come as a PDF file … Continue reading

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My blog is turning into a shopping list! Next on the agenda is a HomePlug networking kit. The walls in the new house are much too thick for effective wireless connections, especially the run to the garage if I decide … Continue reading

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