Holidaying in Iceland

Iceland has held a fascination for me ever since I read Desmond Bagley’s book Running Blind. In it a retired British spy called Alan Stewart is chased across Iceland leading to descriptions of huge glaciers, waterfalls and geysers. I’ve read the book so many times that the pages have started to fall out and it’s left me with a passion for the place. I would love to go there on holiday.

Unfortunately the reasons for not going on holiday to Iceland have just doubled. It used to be just a matter of cost: Iceland is a very expensive place to holiday in. Now according to a BBC article they have recommenced commercial whaling. I cannot in good conscience visit a country that performs such a deplorable attack on endangered species of such magnificent mammals.

Of course there’s the usual “diplomatic concern” at Iceland’s decision to kill whales but I doubt anything much will happen about it. Post a Muslim cartoon and you can expect your embassies to be burnt down. Carry out a nuclear bomb test and face international trade sanctions. Kill whales in what must be one of mans’ most barbaric acts against nature and politicians will say “please don’t do that old chap”.

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