Is music worth it?

Today The Register reports how Danish courts have ruled that an ISP (Tele2) must make best efforts to prevent people accessing

Power corrupts, but commercial power within the music industry seems to corrupt absolutely. In this day and age it’s incredible to me that a commercial group such as the RIAA can reach around the world and demand a foreign country censor a website that’s in another foreign country. Governments don’t have this kind of international power!

This is the first instance I’ve seen where a government has ordered an ISP to block access to a specific URL. The result of it should be interesting for the following reasons:-

  • ISP’s best efforts will be little more than lip service. The world is full of open proxies. There’s also Tor which completely anonymises the user.
  • People don’t like censorship of this nature and they will rebel against it. Those who never bothered to use will now take an interest in it. History has many examples where banned books and songs have become best sellers simply because they were banned.
  • Everyone knows we need a music revolution. The RIAA can only stick by their old monopolistic ways for so long. The more they bleat, the more attention they draw to their unsavoury practices.

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