Network Ponderings

I’m trying to solve a networking problem that sounds quite simple but I’m struggling for the answer.

I have a Linksys AG241 which is a nice ADSL router. Nice that is except that the QoS on it doesn’t support prioritisation by address/subnet; a must with 3 children in the house. My proposed solution is to stick a Linksys WRT54GS running DD-WRT firmware between the ADSL router and my LAN. The problem is that my internal LAN is a public /29 subnet which means I have no public addresses to sit on the LAN created between the two routers.

As far as my networking knowledge goes there is no proper solution to this without an additional subnet. Perhaps there is a means to stick a private subnet between the routers and do something clever with NAT? The alternative is to ask my ISP how much they would charge for a /30 subnet. As well as solving the QoS issue this would also enable me to create a proper DMZ.

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