Is it me or is it Linksys?

Well my project has stumbled at the first hurdle because I can’t get PPPoE to authenticate through my AM200 Modem. I suspect this is an issue with the AM200 itself rather than the PPPoE clients I’m using to do my testing. My reason for saying this is that I’ve tried WindowsXP, pfSense and Linux clients and none of them work. Either I’m screwing up the configuration (and there isn’t much!) or the AM200 isn’t doing what it should.

At the risk of embarking on a rant, I’m already hacked off with the AM200. It’s advertised as an ADSL Modem, but it appears to be functioning by default as a router. To fuel my suspicions, it has built in NAT and DHCP server functionality. Hardly what I’d expect from a modem! This has the markings of being another PSUS4 Issue.

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