Gallery2 Comment Spam

I store all my photos in Gallery2 with a PostgreSQL database back-end. It works well in most respects but fails miserably when it comes to managing Comments. Whilst it’s possible to delete them, it can only be done one at a time; a painfully slow process when there can be tens of thousands of spam comments. This little PostgreSQL script can take the pain out of it:-

SELECT g_id INTO TEMPORARY tmptable FROM g2_comment WHERE
g_host='' or
g_host='' or
g_comment like '%http:%' or
g_comment like '%url=%';

DELETE FROM g2_entity WHERE g_id IN (SELECT g_id FROM tmptable);
DELETE FROM g2_childentity WHERE g_id IN (SELECT g_id FROM tmptable);
DELETE FROM g2_comment WHERE g_id IN (SELECT g_id FROM tmptable);
DROP TABLE tmptable;

This should only be treated as an example but it provides a good foundation to work from. Bulk comments often come from common IP Addresses so the g_host entries can be used to handle that without too much pain. The g_comment fields match comments that contain http or url entries. As none of my good comments contain links, these are my ultimate Spam comment killers.

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