First ever narrowboat holiday

Lou and I did our first ever narrowboat holiday last week and it was a great success. We were accompanied by Kieran and his girlfriend Becky and my parents for a total of six with an age span of almost 65 years. For such a disparate group to all have a good time is a strong testament to how relaxing such a holiday can be!

Now I’ve received vouchers for 25% discount if I book another canal holiday for this year. Lou and I would love to do this and are in the process of trying to find four friends who fancy spending a week plodding along in a boat. Six people seems to be good number and works out (with discount) at about £150 per person for a week in September. If you know Lou or I and are interested, please get in touch, it’s good fun, honest!

For the record, this is where we spent each night whilst we travelled around the Stourport Ring. The last night (Friday) was spent in the docks from which we started.

Date Location Grid Ref
Sat 11th April Camp House, River Severn 52° 13′ 47.8″ N
2° 14′ 32.8″ W
Sun 12th April Kinver 52° 27′ 21.7″ N
2° 13′ 13.5″ W
Mon 13th April Compton 52° 35′ 10.7″ N
2° 10′ 28.3″ W
Tue 14th April Brindley Place, Birmingham 52° 28′ 44.1″ N
1° 54′ 54.8″ W
Wed 15th April Alvechurch 52° 21′ 07.3″ N
1° 58′ 23.3″ W
Thu 16th April Hanbury Wharf 52° 15′ 51.1″ N
2° 06′ 57.0″ W
Fri 17th April Viking Boat Yard, Worcester 52° 11′ 46.8″ N
2° 13′ 00.2″ W
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3 Responses to First ever narrowboat holiday

  1. They are great holidays, there are loads of different routes to take even if you go from the same boatyard. Hope the weather was good for you as well while you were away.

  2. Steve Crook says:

    We were lucky with the weather, it only rained hard on one day. Unfortunately that day with spent doing Tardebigge Locks. :)

    Next time I’m hoping to go from Worcester again but doing the Severn River, Avon River and Worcester & Birmingham Canal ring. It’s a long trip to do in a week though.

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