Piedog fails

No sooner did I finish the last log entry than I get a phone call from Piedog. Turns out that my guitar isn’t in stock after all, the computer made a mistake. Silly computer, fancy making a mistake like that.

I’m now told by the nice polite lady from Piedog that they have requested one urgently from their supplier and it should be with them within five days. I have to say that on current performance, I don’t share her optimism. Five days from now probably means five working days, so that means next Tuesday. My skeptisism circuit in now running in overdrive.

If this was a computer part and I had a service down, I’d have cancelled the order after two days without delivery. This one is going to clock up in excess of a month. Because I don’t need the damn guitar for anything more than leisure, I’ll just keep reporting what happens and gritting my teeth.

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  1. James says:

    Hope you got your guitar

    Piedog and their owners Williams have gone bust.

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