The Last Post?

Email from Piedog to say the order has been despated. A furher phone call, this time without much queuing and they confirm that the guitar has been cancelled and only the other items despatched. Suspect I have been charged the full Post and Packing but I can cope with that if the protracted tale is now closed. Time to move on and order an in stock item from iMuso.

Dear Steven Crook,
There is an update to your order placed with us on Wednesday 21st December 2005 (Ref: 20051221-xx):

Your order has been dispatched.
Courier: Interlink.
Consignment number: xxxxxxxxxx.

Should you require any further assistance with this matter, please do not hesitate in contacting us on 0845-601-2078 (Mon-Fri +9:00am-5:00pm), or online at

Customer Service

That’s done now. Took the big plunge and bought a proper Fender Strat along with a few bits and pieces like a cheap guitar stand and a 3Mtr guitar cable. Realised I needed an additional cable in order to connect the tuner in-line between guitar and amp. Checked all items carefully to make sure they were all in stock. Hopefully hopefully I should receive everything tomorrow!

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