iMuso wins the race

Well done iMuso, you did it again and delivered my order the day after I placed it. Guitar turned up yesterday complete with cable and stand. I duplicated the cable from the Piedog order as I suspected they would cock it up once again and I didn’t want to be left with a guitar and amp but with nothing to connect them together. True to form, it’s now 1138 on Friday morning and Piedog’s order still hasn’t arrived. Tried phoning them but it’s back to the permanent engaged tone this morning. Little wonder if all their customers have the same trouble as I am. It’s annoying as I need the tuner off that order and I’m also using a chunk cut out of an old credit card for a plectrum. Not ideal.


Your order was dispatched out from our warehouse on the 17/01/06 if you have still not received it then contact me 08456012078 and i will chase it up for you.

Kind Regards

Moving on to the guitar, it’s great, even if I can’t do much with it yet. So far I’ve managed to perform the technical aspects of three chords. A, D and E major. Not remotely fluid at moving between them yet though, I’m hoping that will be todays challenge. Bit painful on the fingers at the moment. I get a tingle in the tips of my left hand just typing this. That should ease once I get some hard pads on the ends of my fingers.

Just tried to call Piedog again. Still engaged. Sigh. The girl called Emma who answers the phone is always so polite, it’s hard to blow my stack at the sheer incompetance of it all. Maybe my order will make it this afternoon before I leave for Lou’s house.

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