Becoming a comedy

This has now become so ridiculous that I can’t help but laugh, (in a nasty sarcastic kind of way). Contacted Piedog once again and asked what has happened to my outstanding parts. After much delay they asked if they could call me back, (which they never did). However, an email arrives from Lesley telling me they had cancelled the order in error and had now re-raised it. This of course means that the entire order, including the original guitar is now back on order again. I am ready to rip my hair out! How can they make so many errors on one simple order?

Order number 20051221-xx has been cancelled on our system due to stock not being available in our warehouse. We have re-placed the order under ref no. 20060120-xx to enable the items to be ordered in. The status of original order will show dispatch but please ignore this as it is an error.

Kind regards customer services

I’ve responded to Lesley asking her to cancel the entire order now. I’ve bought a cheap and cheerful tuner in town and I’ll buy a strap in Barnstaple over the weekend. Let this be the last time ever that I have to deal with Piedog. I don’t think my blood pressure could stand a repeat of this.

Hi Lesley,

The order was supposed have been amended earlier this week to cancel just the outstanding item from it which was the guitar itself. Your computer said there was one in stock but it couldn’t be found. I was led to believe the other items had been dispatched on the 17th.

I’ve now purchased the guitar from somewhere else so please don’t re-raise it. Inlight of of the problems on this order I think it’s best if I probably cancel all of it now. I’m sorry but I really can’t afford to wait any longer.

Please can you confirm this has been done so I don’t end up with two of everything?


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