Paid for your music download? Not enough!

Quoted from this article:

Britons using bargain music download website have been warned that they are breaking the law.

Record industry trade association the BPI said consumers were breaking UK copyright law because was not licensed to sell recordings.

The Russia-based site, which offers albums to download for as little as £1, claims to be licensed. is the second most popular download site in the UK, accounting for 14% of downloads, a survey has said.

BPI spokesman Matt Phillips said: “There is no doubt it is totally illegal.

So the BPI are now so confident of their power that they can make statements like, “There is no doubt it is totally illegal”, without so much as a test case. Some poor teen comes across a cheap music download site, buys some stuff in good faith and then gets told it was illegal. To my knowlege nobody in the UK has ever been charged with downloading music, only uploaders are currently targetted. So the freeloaders get away with it whilst Mr Philips thinks he’s going to nail those who have made a legitimate effort to pay for their downloads. Perhaps the BPI should get themselves a new spokesman who will stick to his job and not try to be the judge and jury.

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