Premiership football from abroad

I’ve never been much of a football fan, it strikes me as an elitist sport where the richest side wins and the supporters don’t give a damn that their team consists of nothing but foreign players. That’s my personal opinion, but I can understand the passion that some people have for the game and can’t dispute that it packs out the pubs on a Saturday afternoon. That’s the pubs which subscribe to Sky of course. At least it was until now…….

It seems that a lovely little loophole is emerging in the form of foreign television channels. Whilst Sky hold the rights to broadcast the Premiership in the UK, there’s little that can be done to stop people watching games via foreign channels that can be received via satellite. I love it when a loophole like this appears and can imagine all the Sky directors frantically working out what they can do about it. Seems to me there really isn’t much they can do as it’s not their satellites that are doing the broadcasting.

What’s making the headlines though isn’t the guy sat in his front room with a satellite receiver, it’s all the pubs that have suddenly worked out they can show the big game on a Saturday afternoon without having to pay Sky a fortune for it. Of course the Premiership and Sky are jumping up and down about this but so far their legal actions have failed. It seems that there’s nothing to stop pubs from subscribing to foreign channels if they so desire. Quite right too, the is the European Union after all.

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