Alan Connor

Alan Connor is a Usenet junkie who appears to have little understanding about anything except how to work an SLRN score file. As this is designed to be user-friendly, working it hardly seems a notable accomplishment, but Alan brags about it in virtually every posting he makes.

Why am I so irritated by this guy? Trolls abound on Usenet and ignoring them is not something I struggle with. I think the difference with Alan Connor is that he’s genuinely proud of his knowledge and skills, despite the fact he clearly lacks either. Trolls set out with the intention of annoying and usually get bored after a while. Alan Connor seems to thrive on the abuse he receives and just proudly announces the latest addition to his killfile. Even that’s irritating as he repeatedly responds to people he’s supposedly filtered; the content of his reponse being to tell them he hasn’t seen their posting. Obviously Alan has a crystal ball in addition to a killfile.

If Alan Connor is a genuine Usenet troll, he must be up there with the best of them. He incites people into responding to his nonsense better than any other troll I’ve seen. Obviously the formula for being an ultimate troll is to be blissfully unaware that you actually are one. I wish he would go away and stop deepening the Usenet cesspool.

Alan is also a frequest recipient of the Usenet Kook of the Month award. In fact he’s right up there with Daniel Joseph Min who appears to be some kind of self-proclaimed fascist and gets more hate posts than anyone I’ve ever seen. At least Min has knowledge about the Nazi Party. Alan Conner is limited to discussions about his killfile.

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