Today my phone has rung a few times and stopped before I could pick it up. The calling number was 0800 0641081 so I thought I’d ring it and find out who the idiot is who calls and instantly hangs up. Turns out the number belongs to a company called LBM.

From their website:

LBM is a results driven marketing company that designs and delivers unique marketing and planning strategies for businesses throughout the UK. Established in 1996, we now employ approaching 2000 staff across seven sites.

And from their Recruitment page:

If your personality rings true on the telephone, you have every chance of making it as an LBM Telesales Agent!

In other words, LBM are a telesales company who phone peoples’ mobiles and hassle the shit out them to buy something they don’t want. Wow, and if my personality rings true, I can get a job in telesales. Lucky me! No doubt they have found loopholes in the minimum wage so they can pay 2000 immigrants a paltry salary that wouldn’t keep a cat alive, whilst making them work 12 hour days phoning soon to be angry people.

Well done LBM, you make us all proud to be British. Perhaps I’m doing LBM an injustice, but I doubt it. If I can pick up the phone fast enough, perhaps I’ll find out.

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5 Responses to Telemarketing

  1. You can always report them to

    Also, if you ask them to take them off the list, they’re supposed to by law…whether or not they do is another story.

  2. Euan Beer says:

    I’m having the same problem, couple of rings and then nothing. I rang them up (0870 845 5005) and they took me off their database. Should hopefully work now.

    But thanks for letting me know who was calling me in the first place. Just Googled the number and your blog popped up.

  3. aj says:

    i tried the ringing thing to be taken off thier list and it didnt work 4 times today and im 38 weeks pregnant and when i challenged the guy he asked me what company did he work for…ASM I PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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