I’ve been trying to use SNMP to monitor throughput on my DSL-G604T router. Since moving house I’m interested to know how much bandwidth the kids are eating with MS(bloody)N Messenger.

The DSL-G604T supports SNMP, it says so in all the sales blurb. The reality is that whilst it has the functionality built in, it’s not possible to use it without the very latest firmware which it turns out is only available from the Australian Website. This firmware is a one-way upgrade and it’s very unclear whether it will work with ADSL in the UK. I’m not even going to risk trying it and I doubt anyone else of sound mind would either.

How do DLink get off with saying a product supports something like this when it clearly does not?

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  1. Steve Atty says:


    I just upgraded to the brand new AU firmware on my G604T and it works well – the only problem being that it changes the default IP addresss to so you need to change it back. Also by default the VCI/VPI are not correct for the UK (I had to use Pvc3 to get it to connect).

    There is lots of info and useful stuff here:


    You can certainly pick up the contents of the IFtable which seems to contain stats obout in and outbound packets. All I need is to try to find out where the SNR is kept in the SNMP info

  2. Steve Crook says:


    Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look at it. My solution was to replace my G604T with a Linksys AG241. I didn’t need wireless so this box made an excellent solution. It also stacks nicely with my other linksys kit. :)

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