Broadband Access

“We’re sorry, all of our operators are currently busy. You are at queue postition 13.”

When you lose broadband access, operate lots of services and need the Internet to do your job, queue postition 13 clearly is not a good place to be, and I seem to have spent a lot of time in this position over the last few weeks.

Since moving to St Mellion, our Internet connection has been at best, intermittent. Over the last four days it’s been completely dead for three of them. Getting something done about it is a tricky matter as the ISP is the point of contact but the problem is almost certainly British Telecom’s. This means I never get to rant at anyone with the power to actually make something happen. On the phone to Nildram again now, (queue position 17) and I’ve already resigned myself to hearing that nothing has changed since the last time I called them. I like Nildram but I’m starting to wonder if I need to threaten to close my account in order to actually get something done. For my business broadband I’m paying around £2.50/day. Why should I pay when I don’t have the service?

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