RIAA rejoice in killing another service

Take a trip over to www.edonkey.com today and you’ll be greeted with the following:-

The eDonkey2000 Network is no longer available.

If you steal music or movies, you are breaking the law.

Courts around the world — including the United States Supreme Court —
have ruled that businesses and individuals can be prosecuted for illegal

You are not anonymous when you illegally download copyrighted material.

Your IP address is and has been logged.

Respect the music, download legally.

The IP address isn’t mine thanks to Tor, but this doesn’t alter the obnoxious nature of their “Big Brother” message. Tor provides me with the means to choose my big brothers and stick two fingers up to the RIAA. My music is bought and paid for from www.allofmp3.com which hopefully means the RIAA don’t see any of it.

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