Our wish list

Lou and I moved to St Mellion about 11 weeks ago now. Since then we’ve thought of lots of things we’d love to do with our house and garden. This is the list so far, in order of priority.

  • Log Cabin
  • Strange as it may seem, the Log Cabin is top of our list of priorities. We simply don’t have enough space in our little cottage and a good quality shed, come kids den, come summerhouse would make a significant difference.

  • Kitchen Improvements
  • This is a bit of an ongoing item. Since moving in, we’ve bought a nice oak unit and also put in some shelves and a breakfast bar. The big problem now is the terrible state of the cupboards, where the shelves are held up by plant pots and the bottoms frequently drop out of the drawers.

  • Bedroom Storage
  • All our clothes are stacked on the floor. ‘Nuff said? We need a wardrobe! Bloody hell, we need somewhere to put a wardrobe!

  • Wood Flooring
  • The hall carpet has gone; the dogs repeatedly pissed on it until Lou ripped it up. They haven’t done a single wee there since! Now they are attacking the living room carpet instead. We saw a lovely woodblock floor in B&Q today so this item is advancing up the agenda. The pillarbox red concrete floors are not warm and cosy.

  • Kitchen Flooring
  • As above; more red concrete floor needs covering, preferably with some nice stone.

  • Decking
  • Well you have to hold BBQ’s for the neighbours and the mud churned up by the dogs needs covering.

  • Fridge
  • Ours is falling apart, the weight of sufficient milk to maintain 3 teenagers is enough to break any fridge.

  • Freezer
  • Bulk meat buying is good.

  • Oven
  • There was a little one in the house when we moved in. It’s still there. The damn thing takes an age to heat up and just as long again to cool down. Not high on the priorities though, it does work, all be it slowly.

  • Loft Extension
  • This would be lovely but it’s the most expensive item on the list and doesn’t actually gain us any extra rooms. Okay, we gain a nice big bedroom and lose a dinky one, but they are both one room. It would make room for the wardrobe though, and an ensuite!

  • New Vechicle
  • Lou wants a 4×4 for the dogs. Neither of them has a driving license but still. Not exactly top of the priorities but both our cars are old as hell and showing signs of wanting to retire.

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