Goodbye Green Fields

Since moving into the village of St Mellion, almost two years ago, I’ve walked our dogs, Ollie and Murphy two or three times every day in some local fields. Sadly (for me) today is likely to be the last time as the fields will be mostly gone by tomorrow. The land has been purchased by St Mellion Golf Club and will be used to extend one of their courses.

Earth moving machines in St Mellion fields

The above photo shows an already widened gateway between two of the fields with the earth movers and diggers poised to start ripping up the hedges and dry-stone walls between them. It seems especially sad at this time of year with all the trees and bushes blossoming on them.

Stake in the ground

Stake in the ground

These two photos show an innocuous looking stake in the ground. Presumably these are surveyors marks for where the boundaries of the new golf holes will run.

Last day for this hedge

This hedge separates two of the fields we’re losing. I guess it will be completely demolished but not sure yet. I’ll take my camera over again later when work has finished for the day and try to get some more pictures.

Digger in the distance

A big orange digger viewed through a soon to disappear gateway.

Aerial View

Aerial View

Two aerial views of the three condemned fields sandwiched between St Mellion village and the Golf Course.

Update – Five hours later…….
No more field

Hard to believe that the grass has completely gone in the space of one afternoon. All that’s left is mud, the innocuous stake in the ground and some Keep Out signs.

Update – Next day
Next day

Work finished at about 1830 yesterday and this is the scene next day at 1300. Both bulldozers now seem to be shaping the huge piles of soil they’ve scraped up. Can you tell what it is yet? I can’t. Amazing how many of my pictures have Ollie’s tail in them.

Update – 2008-June-04
The hedges had a stay of execution for a week due to heavy rain making the fields too wet for the heavy machinery. Today their time ran out.
No more hedge

Update – 2008-July-08
Work seems to have slowed down a lot over the last few weeks. Probably because the finishing touches are more time consuming but far less evident than moving huge volumes of earth. The sandy patch at the bottom right is a new green. To the far left of it is the following tee area although it’s not particularly discernible in this picture.
Holes taking shape

Update – 2008-September-25
Bad weather and cows in fields have kept me away from my photo spot for a couple of months but in that time very little took place due to the awful summer weather. However in the last week the sun has shone and work has been frenetic.
All but the grass

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