Broadband Performance

I’m not usually one to rate my ISP on bandwidth performance, there are other more significant factors for me, such as tolerance of the trivial abuse complaints against users of my services. Today however I am rather concerned that my 8192/832kb/s Nildram service is running miserably slowly. According to I’m getting about 432/640kb/s. Yes that’s correct, more upstream than downstream bandwidth on an Asynchronous connection.

I’ll check this again over the next few days and maybe it’ll prove to be a blip. If not then I will be forced to assume I’ve become a victim of the Tiscali buyout of Pipex. This will of course mean a changing of ISP as a matter of principle. I don’t like Tiscali, they are a cheap and nasty provider who try and appeal to the public with lost of bells and whistles.

Update 28th July 2008
Performed another speed test today at 1628 on a Monday afternoon. Results: 379/675kb/s. Seems my downstream result is now consistently bad. I wonder if any other Nildram / Pipex customers are seeing the same thing?

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