Broad Rock

A few weeks ago I did a long walk on Dartmoor with my dogs. We started from Sheepstor and took the path to Ditsworthy Warren House. From there we walked up the Plym to Plym Steps and across to Broad Rock. The problem was that I couldn’t actually find Broad Rock! This nagged at me so much that last Saturday I did another walk, starting at Whiteworks and this time I did find it.

Actually I found it the first time and didn’t realise it. The writing on the rock “BB Broad Rock” has grown so faint as to be almost illegible. For my record and no doubt for others trying to locate it, it’s at N50°29′19.2″ W3°56′54.7″ (SX 61849 67244).

From Broad Rock we walked to Erme Head and then followed Blacklane Brook to Ducks Pool. On the OS map there appears to be a path from here through Foxtor Mire back to Whiteworks. For those who don’t like wet feet, don’t even try it. There is no path! I thought I was somehow missing it until I stumbled upon a Dartmoor Letterbox where the book was filled with various comments from people also trying in vain to find it. In the end we cut across rough moors to Nuns Cross Farm and followed the path from there back to Whiteworks. Total distance was exactly 10 Miles.

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