Speeding Ticket

If you own a powerful motorcycle, I think speeding tickets are an almost inevitable eventuality. I did quite well and rode my current bike for over five years before I got caught and even then it was on the A4174 Bristol Ring Road which is apparently one of the highest revenue generating roads in the country. Hardly surprising. It’s a lovely straight dual carriageway and free from congestion at 1:30pm on a Thursday afternoon. I bet it pays the salaries of the camera operators ten times over whilst enabling the police to say, “Look how many criminals we catch!”.

My 63mph in a 50mph zone is 26% over the speed limit. On the 30mph limit on the A388 outside my house, that equates to 37.8mph. I’d happily bet that less than one car in ten is under that during morning rush hour and that’s on one of the most dangerous roads in Cornwall.

Oh well, nothing to do but pay the fine and take the points as I can’t afford to contest it. Our glorious democracy might have a principle of innocent until proven guilty but only those with money to burn can risk demanding that proof be demonstrated. I probably was speeding last Thursday on the A4174 but I’ll have to accept my guilt without ever seeing a shred of evidence to support it.


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