Nildram Technical Support

For the first time in ages today I had cause to contact Nildram‘s Customer Support. First I tried to email which has always worked in the past. It now bounces with:
554 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown

Next I tried and this one worked. I even got a reply, all be it, automated.

To my surprise, the (automated) reply doesn’t come from Nildram, it comes from To futher complicate matters, the return address on their email is:

In summary, I’ve sent an email to, got a reply from and been instructed to reply to What a mess. In this day and age where the majority of email is a scam of some kind, how are people ever expected to trust domains when they mess around in this manner? I use SpamAssassin to filter my email and this kind of trickery is going to be frequently eaten by it.

My next grump is the content of their reply. In it I’m instructed that should I wish to respond then I must type my reply between two cutmarks within their email, like this:
[===> Please enter your reply below this line <===] [===> Please enter your reply above this line <===] Why must I do this? I'm simply using email as defined and refined for decades now and I don't see why all of a sudden, Nildram (or whoever the hell now does their support) wants to redefine it. Right, got that off my chest now. No doubt their reply to my simple request for a Reverse DNS change will be proof that their monster of a support mechanism actually does work. Maybe.

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