Using apt-get to upgrade Debian went fine to begin with, but I’m getting issues with dependancies. Documentation suggests that packages won’t be upgraded if doing so would involve installing new packages. However, there must be more to it than this as I’m finding 100’s of “held back” packages that only seem to depend on newer versions of other installed packages.

Currently using aptitude to figure out what dependancies are not satisfied, then resolving them manually. The problem seems self-perpetuating; the more packages held back, the more packages will be held back!

Using apt-get dist-upgrade is a solution, but from all accounts, a brutal one.

Need to ask some questions around this issue, I’m obviously failing to understand the methodology.

Using dist-upgrade was advised by Weasel so I did, and it went well. For the record, my problem was an invalid md5sum on kpilot. As I didn’t need it, apt-get remove kpilot resulted in the upgrade running like a charm.

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