Problems with me carrots!

Yesterday saw the planned, informal meeting in St Mellion to discuss the need for allotments.  Allan Cavill from the National Allotment Society came all the way from Taunton to talk about allotments in general and specifically about St Mellion’s wish to establish allotments within (or near to) the village.

Prior to the meeting I was a bit sceptical about how much value it would being to the ongoing allotment debate in St Mellion but am pleased to say my scepticism was misplaced. Allan was a wealth of knowledge on the subject and instilled a great deal of optimism in me that we really could get some allotments up and running in the, not too distant, future.

The next hurdle is for Mike Mann (who leases the proposed site from Pentillie Estate) to check with the landowners if they have any objections. He also needs verification that using the land for allotments wouldn’t jeopardise its current organic status. If that goes well, the National Allotment Society can assist with grant applications for fencing and any other requirements for getting the site up and running. Meanwhile, St Mellion needs to form an allotments committee to oversee the day-to-day running of the site. Names such as St Mellion Allotments Society (SMALLS) and St Mellion Allotments Group (SMAG) are under consideration. I think we should ask for suggestions in the bi-monthly Mellanus News!

The meeting was attended by Geoffrey, Ken and Ian from St Mellion Parish Council and it was refreshing to have the opportunity to talk to them in a less formal setting than the monthly Parish Council Meetings. After the meeting Geoffrey, Ken and a group of others from the meeting walked over to look at the proposed allotment site and again, their comments and suggestions made me feel like we really are part of a single, cohesive community.  Great that little things like that can provide such a sense of productivity!

Well done to Christine (the Parish Clerk) for organizing events and transporting Allen to and from the railway station.  She continues to be the jewel in the Parish crown!

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