Prudential Ride London 2019 Statistics

On Sunday 4th August 2019 I (along with quite a few other people) took part in the annual Ride London event.  I’ve been looking online for statistics relating to it but all that’s currently available is individual rider data.  After a bit of gratuitous hackery, I managed to pull every riders stats and consolidate the data into the following key points.

  • Total number of finishers: 24137
  • Male finishers: 18387
  • Female finishers: 5750
  • Total who completed 100 miles: 18693
  • Total who completed 94 miles (No Box Hill): 1817
  • Total who completed 92 miles (No Leith Hill): 2207
  • Total who completed 86 miles (No Leith or Box Hills): 1420

I’m not going to put the raw data on here in case there are GDPR issues!

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