Say what you like, but don’t offend a religion

We Westerners are very proud of our “Freedom of Speech” claims. We live in a democratic society where everyone is entitled to their point of view. That is until religion becomes the topic of debate.

This article written on a Right-wing website earned the author Indigo Wilson a suspenson from his employment, The Register reports. Whilst Mr Wilson knowledge of politics obviously runs at gutter-press level he should still have the right to express himself in a public forum without fear for his job. His posting doesn’t even mention his employer by name. Anonymity would have saved his job, but should he really have to resort to using it to express a point of view? No matter how stupid his words might appear, he should still have the right to express them under his own name if he so wishes.

It seems that you can protest against anything providing it doesn’t have religious or ethnic connotations. Nobody cares that Indigo Wilson wrote a load of rubbish to slander socialism, but his one line joke about Islam earned him a suspension by his employer. If Mr Wilson has the balls, this would be a good one for the European Court of Human Rights, although I’m not convinced they would have the balls to support him either. Freedom of speech no longer extends to sensitive topics.

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