Kite Buggy

Received kite and buggy yesterday after getting the harness in a seperate package last Saturday. Order was placed on Friday, so not bad delivery. Harness came from Powerkiteshop, whilst everything else came direct from Flexifoil, hence seperate shipments.

One big problem; buggy came without a rear axle! This apparently happened because usually wide wheels and wide axles are ordered together, whilst I split them and just got the wheels. Anyway, powerkiteshop were very helpfull and axle should have arrived today. Will find out when I get home from Chesterfield tomorrow.
Update: It arrived! Well done Powerkiteshop and Flexifoil, I like your style as well as your equipment!

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  1. Alan says:

    Be careful you don’t use the wrong type of string attachments with your kite! People in Islamabad are dying from kite wars with glass enccrusted strings. True story! There’s a link to the full story on my blog at

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