Kite Buggy

Received kite and buggy yesterday after getting the harness in a seperate package last Saturday. Order was placed on Friday, so not bad delivery. Harness came from Powerkiteshop, whilst everything else came direct from Flexifoil, hence seperate shipments. One big problem; buggy came without a rear axle! This apparently happened because usually wide wheels and… Continue reading Kite Buggy

Kite Package

Just got reply from The Power Kite Shop. Copied below so I don’t forget to order the beast! Steve, The package below should be fine – please catch up with Richy Stones one of our team riders at Westward Ho! Flexifoil Buggy with extra wide wheels Flexifoil Bullet 4.5m with lines and safety system… Continue reading Kite Package

Kite Stuff

Spent the weekend at Westward Ho watching the Kite Buggy racing. Now I want a go! Yeah I know I’m reactive, spontanious and waste my money, but hey it’s my money! Right, shopping for a buggy: Kiteshop Flexifoil Buggy with Bullet 4.5 (with Handles) £620 Buggy only £330 Kite Only £290 Huh? Some package, it… Continue reading Kite Stuff