Kite Stuff

Spent the weekend at Westward Ho watching the Kite Buggy racing. Now I want a go! Yeah I know I’m reactive, spontanious and waste my money, but hey it’s my money!

Right, shopping for a buggy:

Flexifoil Buggy with Bullet 4.5 (with Handles) £620
Buggy only £330 Kite Only £290 Huh? Some package, it costs the same as the components!

Flexifoil Buggy with Blade 4.0 (with Handles and all kinds of junk) £670
Buggy Only £293
Buggy with Wide Axle & Wide Wheels £356
Bullet 4.5 £220 Bullet 5.5 £260 Safety System for Handles £13

Do I need a harness?
Seems that, yes I do. All the info I can find points at the Quadritek harness £40

Right, questions outstanding at this point:

Bullet vs. Blade – Bullet seems favourite, I don’t need lift.

Size is everything! 4.5M or 5.5M? With my kite experience, I favour the 5.5 but I might be pushing my luck to learn buggying with it. Then again, don’t want to buy a second kite 5 mins after the first!
4.5M is sounding better. Any bigger isn’t going to be usable on windy days.

Wide axle + Wide wheels on Flexifoil Buggy – Do I want the wide stuff at all? In addition or instead of standard?
Wide wheels, yes. Buggy with them £329
Wide axle, hmmm. Think not. I’ll buy one in addition to the standard at a later point if I want to race it.

Total for favoured options
Buggy with wide wheels: £329
4.5M Bullet: £220
Safety Handles: £13
Harness: £40
Grand Total: £602

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