Headlines for allofmp3.com

Following up to my previous blog on the BPI throwing their toys out of the pram about allofmp3.com, today the story made the headlines with Matt Phillips being interviewed on BBC News 24. I was surprised to see he’s a young guy in a t-shirt, not some stuffy twat in a suit. Obviously the BPI feels the student image will help them reach the kids whilst Mr Suit would be laughed at.

I was interested by the BBC’s comment that the BPI are going to try and get allofmp3.com banned from trading in the UK. I wonder how they plan to actually accomplish this. If they tried to get ISP’s to block access to the site, there would be a storm of protest about censorship and partitioning of the Web. More likely they will use the IPTF, (the international front for the RIAA) to try and shut down allofmp3.com completely. I suspect they will find this quite difficult to do unless they can get assistance from the Russian government.

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