Ogg Vorbis Tagging

Having decided to try out allofmp3.com following all the recent hype about it. I was delighted to discover they allow me to download songs in Ogg Vorbis format. As a free software advocate, this is much more desirable than MP3 as it’s an Open Source format. The only problem was that the songs didn’t include tagging and so my player couldn’t figure the track numbers and had no choice but to play them in alphabetical order. As the music in question was Pink Floyd fans will appreciate that this is far from ideal as all the tracks link together without any gaps between them. Played out of sequence, the effect is completely lost. So began a search for an Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor.

Eventually I discovered EasyTag and would strongly recommed it to anyone else looking for such a tool for Linux. It’s GUI based which is never my preference, but in this instance I have to say I’m very impressed. It does just what a Tag Editor should do and it does it well. Need I say more?

Thanks to Jerome Couderc for writing it and to Sebastien Bacher for packaging it for Debian.


  1. only problem with that is virtually none of the older mp3 players support ogg vorbis. I’m stuck with iPod as I like to have it charge off my car stereo while I’m driving/listening to music. Afaik, no other car stereo manufacturer supports other mp3 players.

  2. I have an iRiver player that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It supports Ogg Vorbis and I have a tape interface that connects it to my car stereo. The only problem is charging it; I’ve yet to find a car charger that fits and supplies enough amps.

    Most of the music I download is for use on my Slim Devices Squeezebox. This has to rate as one of my favourite gadgets of all time. :)

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