My blog is turning into a shopping list! Next on the agenda is a HomePlug networking kit. The walls in the new house are much too thick for effective wireless connections, especially the run to the garage if I decide to stick my server out there to begin with. Homeplug allows me to network machines over the domestic electrical wiring.

At the moment the best prices are from broadbandbuyer.co.uk and the leading product appears to be made by Devolo. The price for a starter kit containing two links is £101.31. As with the Microwave, I’ll give it another week and see where the prices go. I’m also hopeful that future releases of this product range will improve on the current 85Mb/s. This sounds like a lot, but it’s the total bandwidth within the circuit, not just between any two devices. If I plug 4 PC’s into the mains, they will share that bandwidth.

Devolo also produce a wireless Homeplug adaptor. This plugs into the mains and acts as a Wireless Access Point. At the moment this option doesn’t seem to be available in the UK. Not a major issue for me, I have a couple of wireless routers that I can plug into the standard wired Homeplug devices.

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  1. I’m curious about this…been reading about it for awhile, but haven’t known anyone who has actually used it.

  2. Steve Crook says:

    I’ll let you know how it goes for me in about a months time. I’m due to move into my new house on the 3rd July and I plan to have it up and running shortly after. Watch this space. :-)

  3. cswilly says:

    I have used HomePlug V1 modems in my house for three years now. Work great.

    The date rate given is 14Mbps is a raw data rate. With HomePlug V1 modem expect 3-5Mbps useful.

    The 85Mbps version is properitary from Intellon. My tests show it goes between 22-30Mbps.

    The next standard is HomePlug AV with a raw data rate of 200Mbps. I am expecting 60-80Mbps. Expect products from Devolo around Sep-06 (they were demo’ing units at CEBiT Feb-06).

  4. Steve Crook says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been wondering whether to wait for HomePlug AV or to go with the current Devolo 85Mb/s versions. As I understand it, the products should be backwards compatible so I’ll probably buy a starter pack now and then a pair of AV units later.

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