Different Views

I got some interesting feedback from “Try” to my LayeredTech ranting. Try holds exactly the opposite point of view to me, in that I think Layered Technologies are too heavy handed in their handling of abuse whilst Try feels they don’t do enough. In http://hotpot.se/guest-book-spammers.htm Try highlights two address ranges that are the source of… Continue reading Different Views

Last Rites

Today has been a long time coming, but the inevitable happened in the end; Layered Technologies shut me down. It started off with just the usual abuse complaint. This time it seems that someone used Tor to run code stored as a phony JPEG at freeimagehosting.net. The complainant had already fixed their vulnerability by the… Continue reading Last Rites

LayeredTech shut me down

It’s finally happened, LayeredTech have disconnected my server. They did this because I failed to respond in 12 hours to an email they sent me at 2334 last night. Like I sit up all night waiting for LayeredTech to contact me! Below is the content of the shutdown message: To: Server ID: Base IP: NOTE… Continue reading LayeredTech shut me down

Hosting Hunting

Recent events with Layered Technologies lead me to thinking that I must start hunting around for a dedicated server hosting outside of the United States. They are effectively the hub of the Internet in terms of bandwidth availability which makes them the ideal and most cost-effective locale. Unfortunately the legal culture is so tied up… Continue reading Hosting Hunting

DMCA Takedown Notice

When it comes to Tor, BitTorrent is a pain in the arse. The idea of BitTorrent is to distribute the overhead of Internet downloading across a wide number of machines. Unfortunately a lot of the usage for it is illegal content which makes Tor very attractive for hiding who does the downloading. This has two… Continue reading DMCA Takedown Notice

Layered Technologies

Layered Technologies are a hosting company in Texas. Their prices are certainly competitive for low-end servers with up to a capacity of 1000GB/month throughput. This makes them ideal for hosting a Tor service, which is what I did after checking with them that Tor was an acceptable service to run. That was in May of… Continue reading Layered Technologies