WordPress Server Migration

Last weekend I was chatting to my best mate Jamie who appears to be the prime reader of my Blog, (hi mate!). He pointed out that my Blog was very slow to access and I’ve been pondering on what to do about it. I thought migrating to my Dedicated Host in Germany would be a pain as WordPress isn’t packaged for Debian Sarge which I run on it. As it turned out, WordPress is easy to install from source once the requirements such as PHP and MySQL have been fulfilled. Migrating the data from my server at home was no more troublesome.

So here it is; my Blog running on a server in Germany. I’ll take the opportunity to drop in some advertising for Hetzner who host it for me. Their prices are great and they even let me run bandwidth eating applications like Tor. With services like this available I’m surprised more users don’t dip their toes in the Linux pool. I’m tempted to advertise Linux lessons in the local newspapers and see what interest it generates. Anyone in the St Mellion area interested in being my teaching Guinea Pig?

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