Thanks to new government legislation…

At the moment I seem to get at least one call a day from companies claiming they can help me with my debts because new government legislation means they can freeze what I owe. To begin with, I don’t believe this. If it was that simple, everyone with a credit card would jump on the band wagon and watch their debts magically disappear. The second thing is that if I wanted help with my debts then I’d ask for it. I don’t need (or want) offers of assistance from fly-by-night companies I’ve never heard of.

I was finally driven to write this rant after a call today from DSN (The Debt Support Network). What made their call exceptionally annoying is that it was pre-recorded blurb with an option at the end to “Press 6 on my keypad to solve all my debt problems”. As I’m registered on the Telephone Preference Service, I shouldn’t be getting calls of this nature. I mean who in their right mind is going to place their finances in the hands of a company that pedals itself through illegal phone calls?

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