British Telecom Phishing Scam?

Recently I’ve received two phone calls, both International, claiming to be from BT. In both instances the caller had a barely understandable foreign accent and has started by telling me that BT are cutting my line rental charge. Very nice of them. On today’s call that prompted me to write this, the caller correctly stated… Continue reading British Telecom Phishing Scam?

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What is an 0844 number?

A while ago I added a Crank Calls category to my Blog and at the time it was, (like so many other rants), just a means for me to vent frustration about companies trying to rip me off with stupid offers and debt repayment schemes. It therefore came as a surprise to me that I… Continue reading What is an 0844 number?

0844 8466524

This number hassles Lou and I on a daily basis at the moment The callers are always reluctant to admit who they are but when pressed, they claim to be Galaxy Finance. If these people have a website, it’s well hidden behind false fronts. There is a but it goes through a series of… Continue reading 0844 8466524

0845 4585632

Just had a phone call from this number asking to speak to my partner Lou. They got her name wrong for starters which tends to make one suspicious and it went downhill from there. There was something inexplicably sinister about this caller, the tone of voice, wanting to know who I was and needing to… Continue reading 0845 4585632

0845 0262572

Yet another number that’s been calling my mobile on a daily basis over the last couple of weeks. This one belongs to Phones 4U, a company in the UK mobile phone industry which firmly believes in the hard sell ethos. At the moment they aren’t going to sell me anything because despite calling me many… Continue reading 0845 0262572

00800 2794783

This is the number that shows up on my caller display when Monument try to get in touch with Lou. My issue is that they try and contact her every couple of hours, every day and seemingly take no notice of me telling them she’s at work. Are there phones available that enable me to… Continue reading 00800 2794783

0151 2441361

I know from consulting that this number belongs to Littlewoods Direct. My partner Lou has an account with them that probably spends the better part of its life in the red. This being the case, they are (in my opinion) perfectly entitled to try and contact her. So having explained who they are and… Continue reading 0151 2441361

0121 7084055

I just got a call from 0121 7084055. The guy on the other end wanted to speak to my partner Lou and then just abruptly hung up when I explained she was at work. The manner of it was such that I Googled the number which apparently belongs to a company called Ocean Communication Ltd.… Continue reading 0121 7084055