British Telecom Phishing Scam?

Recently I’ve received two phone calls, both International, claiming to be from BT. In both instances the caller had a barely understandable foreign accent and has started by telling me that BT are cutting my line rental charge. Very nice of them. On today’s call that prompted me to write this, the caller correctly stated my identity and address complete with post code. At this point, the call was polite and quite convincing.

It started to go pear shaped when the caller next asked me which bank I was with. Surely if he’s a genuine representitive of BT then he should already know that information? I am after all paying them already. I lied and gave a false bank (Lloyds). He accepted this and then asked for the sort code. He even told me what it would be prefixed with, (for Lloyds). If it wasn’t for the fact that I know this info is publicly available, the scam would have been highly convincing. Unfortunately I didn’t think fast enough to make up a plausable number at this point to see where the scam might have led, (no doubt to my account number next). I told him I wouldn’t provide any more details on my bank and hung up when he pressed me.

If they call back again, I’ll try and be better prepared, perhaps I’ll try and record the conversation. For now, this is all I can offer. I hope it might be of value to anyone else looking for info about this scam.

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