0845 4585632

Just had a phone call from this number asking to speak to my partner Lou. They got her name wrong for starters which tends to make one suspicious and it went downhill from there.

There was something inexplicably sinister about this caller, the tone of voice, wanting to know who I was and needing to speak to Lou by 8pm this evening. They left a telephone number for her to call, 0844 7016156 which didn’t improve my confidence as it was different to the number they were calling from. When I pressed to know who was calling, the answer was “CDUK” which meant squat to me.

Googling on CDUK turned up a company who supply kitchen worktops. I suspect that had Lou wanted a worktop, a salesmen would hardly talk in such a sinister tone!

The answer was to Google on the phone number 0845 4585632. Despite obviously trying to hide their identity behind an acronym, these people are Collect Direct UK: A debt collection firm. I can’t find any website for Collect Direct UK so it’s probably a front for another company who don’t want to be associated with their activities.

I suspect there will be more on this in the near future.


  1. Thanks for google I found your post and it has come in very handy ;)

    Thank you for sharing this.

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