0121 7084055

I just got a call from 0121 7084055. The guy on the other end wanted to speak to my partner Lou and then just abruptly hung up when I explained she was at work. The manner of it was such that I Googled the number which apparently belongs to a company called Ocean Communication Ltd.

Ocean don’t exactly advertise themselves but by searching on their name and location (Birmingham) I got this info:

Ocean Communication Ltd
Fairgate House
Kings Road
Birmingham BS11 2AA

Company Number: 05318031

If this is correct them I’m even more intrigued as these guys are a mobile phone supplier with links to the Carphone Warehouse. I’ll expand this if I find out more.

Update 16th-May-2008
Since writing that I’ve had calls from 01217084055 every day. Finally after lots of being greeted by a dead phone line I got a bloke who responded to the simple question of “who are you?”. The answer, “I’m calling on behalf of Total Refund“. Total Refund are in the blossoming industry of reclaiming bank charges. I’m not convinced that their method of using high-volume call centres is the best approach to giving a client “that warm feeling”. It would have been slightly better if he’d said he worked for Total Refund but no, he, “called on behalf of Total Refund”. That’s a significant difference.

More to come when they finally catch Lou at home.

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  1. i been getting answer phone messages from ocean communication saying to call some number and also my mother who lives in a different country been getting calls daily from this number too and when she answers the person on end just stays silent for about 40 seconds then can hear them put the phone down how can i get them to stop leaving answer phone messages and prank calling my mother.

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