Chilli Seeds 2010

After the success of my Chilli growing last year, I enthusiastically set about choosing seeds for this year from my favourite source, Nicky’s Nursery. So far this year I’ve planted:-

Numex Big Jim
Anaheim TMR
Jamaica Bell
Red Savina
Chocolate Habanero
Hungarian Hot Wax
Trinidad Scorpion

All are now potted up and sitting in my poly-tunnel. The only exception is the Red Savina which is proving much harder to germinate than I expected. So far of ten seeds planted, only one has appeared above ground and that’s looking a bit feeble. Bit late to try more of them this year but they will probably be top of my list to grow in 2011. At least I’ll have the Trinidad Scorpions for some heat. Of five Scorpion seeds, three germinated and are looking good and healthy.

More info to follow as the summer progresses.

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