Three party politics

With only three weeks to go before the General Election, I suppose comments like these are to be expected.

David Cameron has warned a vote for Nick Clegg could leave Britain “stuck” with Labour and said only the Tories can bring “real change”.

For Labour Lord Mandelson warned a hung parliament might give “disproportionate power” to the Lib Dems.

I wonder how they think comments like this are received by the populace? Personally I find it sad that our politics have sunk to this kind of gutter level but at the same time I like having a third spoke in the Labour/Tory wheel. Labour have been in power for the last 13 years and the Tories were there for 13 years before that. Even if the Lib Dems don’t make it to power, they’re certainly succeeding in putting a bee in the bonnet of the political dinosaurs.

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