Email to TalkTalk (2011/07/01)

In an attempt to clarify my requirements, I’ve emailed TalkTalk customer services. Sometimes these things are clearer in writing:

Account Number: xxxxxxxx

[Address scrubbed]


On the 29th June, you transferred my broadband service from Nildram to
TalkTalk. I was led to understand that this was just a change to my
phone line rental rather than to my broadband which was already with
TalkTalk.  Consequently, the configuration of my broadband service has
changed and rendered my services unreachable from the Internet.

I've spoken to your technical and customer support teams but feel that
I'm failing to explain what's happened.  I'm hoping that explaining it
in writing will make more sense.

Previously from you (or Nildram) I had a static IP address for my ADSL
Router of  I also had a subnet allocated to me of which enabled me to present up to 6 servers from my LAN,
through the router to the Internet.  TalkTalk have now allocated me a
single, static IP address for my router of  This is
certainly a big help but I still need a routable subnet to sit on the
other side of that router so I can present my servers to the Internet.
Is this something TalkTalk Business can provide?

Many thanks,

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