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Things that make me grumpy.

Sold as seen

When it comes to cars, there’s no such thing as “Sold as seen”, but there should be a term which says “Buy at your own risk”. Lou (my partner) recently bought a Mitsubishi Pajero which turned out to be a … Continue reading

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The age of the train

In a Recent Rant, I wrote about the terrible cost of using rail transport in the UK. Despite the price, I still find myself on trains that are packed to the doors between key stations. So what’s the big attraction? … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Trading

It’s a beautiful Easter Sunday and what exactly am I supposed to do with it? Due to our draconian laws, not a single store is allowed to open today. In fact it’s the only day for the entire year when … Continue reading

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Cinema – It’s the experience!

Last night myself and Lou decided to go and see the new James Bond film, Casino Royale. We booked tickets online using for a scheduled start of 8pm. 7:25pm – Arrived at the cinema to find the car park … Continue reading

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Parking Theory

After a break of a year I’m now once more a regular attendee of St Mellion International Golf and Country Club. I don’t play golf but they have the nicest gym, swimming and leisure facilities that I know of. It’s … Continue reading

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Windows XP Product Keys

I woke up with a stiff neck this morning, probably caused by my new gym programme. That combined with a seriously irritating laptop forces me to sit very still and write another rant. Trevor, my local landlord wants a laptop. … Continue reading

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RIAA rejoice in killing another service

Take a trip over to today and you’ll be greeted with the following:- The eDonkey2000 Network is no longer available. If you steal music or movies, you are breaking the law. Courts around the world — including the United … Continue reading

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More calls for censorship

This article on the BBC website highlights the latest attempt at Net censorship. This time the “good cause” is banning sites that provide information on suicide as kids are killing themselves. I could take the opportunity to rant on about … Continue reading

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More WRT54G woes

In a previous blog entry I described Linksys as my preferred source of SOHO router, then went on to rant about them changing specifications whilst retaining the same model number. Today I’ve uncovered yet another example of the mess they … Continue reading

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Ban on violent porn

The BBC reported today that a woman has successfully won her campaign to make it illegal to posses images of violent pornography. Liz Longhurst (the campaigner) probably did this with the best possible intentions but probably has no idea of … Continue reading

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Today my phone has rung a few times and stopped before I could pick it up. The calling number was 0800 0641081 so I thought I’d ring it and find out who the idiot is who calls and instantly hangs … Continue reading

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The keyboard is mightier than the sword

Today The Register has this article on a woman suing MySpace because her daughter was sexually assaulted after using their services to talk to a man. I hate cases like this where a free service is being charged due to … Continue reading

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Empower Systems

Empower Systems are the only company I know of that are targeting me by name with Spam. Every message I get from these people has a Subject prefixed with my surname, something that annoys me intensely. I’m tempted to submit … Continue reading

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Microsoft Genuine Advantage

Microsoft Genuine Advantage was thrust upon me some time ago and to begin with it was little more than a minor irritation. What was it really doing? What information was it obtaining from my PC? How was it validating my … Continue reading

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Piracy is Theft!

A couple of weeks ago I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter film, (The Goblet Of Fire) from Amazon. On the day of release my DVD showed up at 6:30am, a tribute to the efficiency of Amazon and the GPO and … Continue reading

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John McCririck

Racing pundit Twat

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The art of corporate cost cutting. (aka. Offshoring)

“Our employees are our most valued asset.” The above statement is a most appalling example of utter bullshit. Once upon a time it might have been true that utility providers and outsourcers valued their employees but today it’s a lie. … Continue reading

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Linksys Routers

I’m tempted to say that Linksys produce the best routers available for the home market. In fact that temptation extends to most of their home network products. Besides working well, they are neat boxes and they are stackable. For a … Continue reading

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Insurance Companies

I recently received a letter from DVLA informing me that somebody was trying to register my car. The license number was that of a Red Honda Prelude that had been written off four years ago after I hit a deer … Continue reading

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Guitar Smashing

Why do musicians feel the need to do this? Continue reading

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