Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T-USB2

I bought one of these gadgets last week. Installing it under Windows was a doddle and the Linux set up wasn’t much harder, although it did need a kernel compile. The result is a lovely clear picture on my LCD monitor and a good choice of channels. There is however one fairly serious oddity: Approx every other day, I lose reception of all the BBC channels. No other channels are affected but the problem usually persists for several hours and occurs on both Windows and Linux platforms. When one BBC channel is affected, the problem always spans the others including non-terrestrial channels such as BBC News 24.

So far I’ve failed to solve this problem and I don’t have a standard Freeview box to see if it occurs there too. I’ve found a few sketchy reports by Googling but none of them provide answers although they do tend to confirm the problem.

I have one nasty suspicion that there might be some kind of DRM going on. This suspicion began today when the service failed just as the BBC World Cup coverage started.

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