TalkTalk or more precisely lack of TalkTalk

For once TalkTalk got something right. They said they’d respond to my email and they did. Right on the 7th day. Their response was less than satisfying.

Dear Mr Crook

Thank you for contacting the TalkTalk Business Technical
Support team.

We have investigated the request below, unfortunately the
service which you are currently configured with will not
allow for more than 1 static IP address. So we would not be
able to provide several IP addresses, as requested.

We have checked on the exchange to see if our LLU equipment
is installed, which would allow for the service you are
requesting. Unfortunately we do not have our LLU equipment
installed at that exchange.

We have checked and confirm that your broadband is currently
assigned with the static IP address.

Kind regards,

TalkTalk Business Technical Support Engineer

None of this makes any sense to me. TalkTalk were already providing me the broadband service. All they were proposing was changing the line rental. As the only equipment in the exchange is BT’s, how could it provide the service to me previously, but not now?

Anyway, I’m sick of the whole episode and have contacted BT and asked them to begin the process of transferring my line back to them. I’ve also replied to TalkTalk.

Dear [name scrubbed],

When TalkTalk contacted me and asked if I'd like to transfer
my telephone line rental to them, I was assured that my
broadband service would not change.  Now it seems that not
only has it changed but TalkTalk are unable to provide an
equivalent to what they have taken away.

As the change to my service has rendered it unfit for my
purposes and you cannot rectify it, I've contacted BT and
asked them to transfer my line back to them.  Please can you
provide me with a MAC code so I can migrate my broadband to
another vendor?

A speedy response would be very much appreciated.


I hope this will be the end of the whole horrible episode but I fear TalkTalk will not make it that easy if my dealings so far are anything to go by. Lets see if it takes another 7 days.

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